Company Philosophy

“Company Philosophy” represents the highest service standard in Altruist and underscores our commitment to continually upgrade our Financial Consultants’ education level and professionalism.

  • We are committed to providing training and daily coaching which is second to none.
  • We are responsible to create an environment for our associates to motivate themselves.
  • The product we provide, united with our service, is the best buy in the marketplace.
  • All our associates are individuals whom you are proud to work with. Every single recruit will add value to our company.
  • We will ensure that the back-office administration is efficient and supportive to our associates.
  • All our associates will be offered quality physical environments reflecting a professional image to the public.
  • All our associates must conduct their business on a moral, ethical and legal basis.
  • All our associates must comply with company discipline and regulations.
  • We will work together as a team with mutual trust and respect amongst our company.
  • All our associates are required to maximize their contributions in making us the best quality distribution company in the marketplace.