Support to Newcomers

Comprehensive Training Curriculum
  • IIQE examination study notes and mock examination paper
  • Over 80 hours of New FC training class
    – Learn the core value of “integrity”
    – Grasp the proper financial planning concept
    – Comprehend product knowledge, learn to flexibly utilize the one-stop product platform
    – Enhance selling skills, to focus on “needs selling” rather than “product selling”
    – Reinforce inter-personal skills, expand client network
  • Daily coaching by mentors and managers (over 600 hours of on-the-job training in the first year; 800 hours of training in the subsequent 2-5 years)
  • Monthly market update meeting
  • Internal CPD courses
  • Regular new product launch and training
  • Regular workshops
Attractive Remuneration
  • Fixed Income + Commission + Bonus + Subsidy
  • Newcomers incentive
  • Education subsidy for IIQE exam fee, registration fee, professional designation
  • Overseas incentive trip
  • Internal contest programs
  • Promising career path
Comprehensive support and back-up
  • Over 30 back-office staff to provide the most efficient and effective daily support
  • 7×24 online database
  • Existing customers leads can be provided to newcomers in order to help expedite the field experience and build up stable income in the beginning
  • Formation of “A Club” to promote the balance of life by organizing and participating in various kinds of social and charity functions and build the closer bonding between colleagues and family/customers
Professional Working Environment
  • Our office is conveniently located at the business centre of Causeway Bay
  • Every consultant has an independent and spacious working environment demonstrating a professional image
  • Meeting rooms and training centre are available inside the office
  • Back-up staff and financial consultants are located at the same office building, enabling more efficient on-site support

FC Sharing

“I joined Altruist immediately after graduation. The company has provided me with a lot of opportunities and training which gave me a solid foundation within a short period of time. The wide range of product platform has also equipped me with speedy catch-up of the industry and knowledge, allowing me to assist customers from a brand new angle. Altruist is like a big family, all colleagues are willing to share their valuable experience and assist me to tackle every single difficulty. I therefore cordially invite you to join us and work towards your career goals.” “ If you agree with our company philosophy, join us now! You can get all kinds of support you require to develop your career, this is a place you are proud to work with.” “Very impressive! I simply can’t imagine how a company can devote so much time and resources to train up a new recruit like me.” “I have been given a very strong foundation about the concept of the industry. The professional knowledge coupled with the mission to promote the industry further reinforce my belief.” “The training curriculum was out of my expectation. I will definitely apply my knowledge practically to help resolve my customers’ financial difficulties.” “Having been worrying about prospecting and lack of techniques in the beginning, more confidence has been built up starting from the first training class. Thanks to the passionate instruction from the mentors and trainers, my mentality, ethical standards and professional knowledge have all been reinforced strongly.”